EORI Registration in Russia - Updated for 2023

EORI Registration in Russia

Updated on Tuesday 21st March 2023

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Russian companies and sole traders are allowed to apply for EORI numbers in 2023 if they engage in trading relations with companies or other economic operators in the European Union. For complete information and assistance in EORI registration, you can rely on our lawyers in Russia.

When does a Russian company need to register for EORI?

EORI registration becomes mandatory when a Russian sole proprietorship or company engages in its first trading activity on the territory of an EU member state. Natural persons, citizens of Russia, can also be required to apply for EORI numbers, if they supply products which go through the customs of an EU country. If you want to obtain an EORI number in 2023, our Russian lawyers can help you or can apply for registration on your behalf.
The Russian EORI number is formed of RU, the country code of Russia, followed by the VAT code. As such, the EORI code is unique and should not surpass 15 digits.

EORI registration for Russian entities in 2023

EORI numbers are issued to Russian sole traders and companies based on their value added tax (VAT) numbers. In other words, a Russian entity needs to be registered for VAT in its home country in order to apply for an EORI number.
VAT registration in Russia must be completed with the local tax authorities and the entire procedure can be completed with the help of our lawyers. Foreign investors who want to open companies in Russia can rely on our local law firm for assistance with the registration procedure, in obtaining VAT numbers, followed by EORI registration. We remind businessperson that VAT is not mandatory alongside company incorporation, therefore if they are interested in EORI registration, they need to apply for VAT numbers at the same time they register their companies.
The EORI application for Russian companies can be submitted online, by accessing the e-customs system available. Some formalities in this sense require specific authorization made by the relevant institutions in Russia.
You can speed up the entire business registration process in 2023 with the help of our Russian law firm.

Activities related to EORI registration in Russia

Russian companies obtaining EORI numbers can complete various activities on EU territory. Among these, we mention the following:
  1. customs declarations filings with the authorities of all EU member states;
  2. submission of Entry Summary Declarations with the customs of one or more EU countries;
  3. filing of temporary storage declarations upon the request for storage with EU customs;
  4. to act as carriers for transporting goods by sea, air or land within the EU territory;
  5. receiving various notifications and information from all EU states customs offices.
Obtaining an EORI number as an individual or company in Russia in 2023 is not complicated. With the help of our attorneys in Russia, the procedure is quite simple and fast forward.
We have also created a scheme on the EORI registration process in Russia:


Registration of EORI number for Russian economic operators

Russian economic operators will not be assigned an EORI number automatically; they must apply for an EORI number, because the European Commission must publish data about the economic operator which can be done only with the company’s consent.
The application for registration of an EORI number for Russian economic operators must be submitted online. Before applying for the EORI number, the Russian company must be allowed to use the customs website and, in order to be permitted to use the e-customs system, the Russian economic operator must identify itself and receive an authorization to conduct customs formalities.
Upon submitting the application for the registration of the EORI number, an e-mail containing general data about the Russian company will be sent to all other economic operators. The e-mail will also inform about the start date and the structure of the EORI number for the Russian company.
Our law firm in Russia can help local companies obtain EORI numbers in the shortest time possible.

Documents for obtaining an EORI number for Russian traders

The documents required when applying for an EORI number are:
  •  an application form;
  •  a copy of an identification document;
  •  a document from the Russian Trade Register providing identification data about the company;
  •  for holders of TIR Carnet, a copy of the Carnet.
The EORI code can be emitted by the customs of the EU state in which the economic operator registered in Russia has entered for trading activities. The EORI number can also be obtained in advance if sending all the formalities via email.

How long does it take to obtain EORI numbers for Russian entities?

Even if Russia is not an EU member state, obtaining EORI numbers for companies registered here can be completed in a matter of days just like in the case of European companies. Once all the documents are filed with EU customs authority of the country in which the economic operator will obtain the EORI number, it will take up to 5 days for these to be verified and the number to be issued.
It is also possible for Russian companies engaged in freight operations to obtain EORI numbers during their first transport in the EU. Our Russian lawyers can offer more information on EORI numbers issued for local companies and sole traders.

VAT registration in Russia

As mentioned earlier, in order to obtain an EORI number, a Russian economic operator mist first register for VAT with the Federal Tax Service. The procedure is voluntary upon company registration, as Russia does not impose a VAT registration threshold.
With respect to the payment of the Russian value added tax, companies and sole proprietorships must also comply with the reporting periods.
Here are the main VAT rates applicable in Russia:
  • the standard rate is set at 20% and is levied on most goods and services;
  • a reduced rate of 16.67% applies to various food products, but also to digital services starting with 2019;
  • a 0% rate is levied on exports and various associated services;
  • VAT filings must be made by the 20th of the following month for the end of the period.
If you want to start a business or register for EORI, you can contact our law firm in Russia.