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Do you need legal services in Russia? We are a local team of attorneys who provide a wide range of legal services.

Russia Law Firm

Russia Law Firm

Updated on Thursday 29th September 2022

Our law firm in Russia provides legal assistance and advice to all customers, both local and foreign citizens. In order to meet all our clients’ expectations, we have gathered a team of lawyers, accountants, financial and management experts in order to provide assistance in all legal and financial fields.
Our company - Herman & Smith - is one of the important law firms in Russia. With a long tradition in offering tailored business registration solutions to foreign investors, the firm has made treating clients as partners its own priority. The firm can also provide clients with a wide range of legal services in various areas of the law.
Our Russian lawyers are always prepared to answer clients’ questions and to come up with solutions to the most difficult situations. We are also prepared to provide legal assistance in litigation matters and we are always up to date with the newest laws in order to provide quality services to our customers. 


 Quick Facts  
How can a lawyer help you start a business in Russia?

Our local experts can draft the company documents and submit them to the Russian authorities.

We represent foreign clients who want to open a firm in Russia.

Services offered by our lawyers in Russia

Customers can ask for legal advice in matters like:

- business formation,

- tax registration,

- property purchase,

- debt collection,

- litigation, 

- trademark registration,

- contractual disputes and more


Representation for divorce cases 

Administrative and judicial are the two types of divorce available in Russia.

Support for licenses and permits


Company owners can be helped with the formalities for licenses and permits.
 Legal advice for commercial disputes 


Power of attorney

We can represent clients who want to open a Russian bank account, buy a house, start a business, conclude a contract.

Real estate due diligence (YES/NO)


Legal advice for mergers and acquisitions (YES/NO)


Company liquidation It can be made voluntary or after a court's decision.
Tax advice and planning On request
Wealth management

Dedicated plans can be offered to high-net-worth individuals.

We manage immigration issues

We can prepare the application for Russian visa, residence permit, work permit, citizenship.

Representation for Family Law cases

We advise clients interested in custody, adoption, guardianship, domestic abuse.

Free case evaluation 

Our lawyers can evaluate your case and offer dedicated solutions.

Reasons to choose our law firm in Russia

You can rely on a dedicated and experienced team of lawyers.

Legal services at affordable prices.


Obtain legal advice in litigation cases from our lawyers in Russia


Litigation cases can represent a hassle without the adequate support. Based on our years of expertise, our attorneys in Russia will offer you legal advice and representation in litigation cases. Considering the latest arbitration and mediation trends, our lawyers in Russia will advise on the method to achieve the desired result. Our attorneys will also represent you before the Russian courts in civil matters such as divorce and child support.
We also invite you to watch our video on the legal services we offer in Russia:



Assistance in collecting debts in Russia


With many years of experience behind, our team of Russian lawyers can help local and foreign individuals and companies to collect outstanding debts.
The debt collection procedure in Russia is not complicated, most of the times, the amicable procedure rendering quick results, however, there are several steps to be completed in order to have successful outcomes.
The attorneys from or law firm in Russia explain below the steps connected to the recovery of a debt on behalf of our potential clients:
  •  we will first contact the debtors and inform them about the outstanding amount of money;
  •  a reminding or dunning letter or email will be then sent to the debtors;
  •  we will also send the invoice(s) or other documents showing the amount left to pay;
  •  we will agree with both the client and the debtor on the time period for the debt to be paid.
If the debt cannot be recovered in an amicable manner, we will also offer support in the legal procedures related to the debt collection process in a Russian court.
With a vast knowledge of both the Russian laws and procedures, our lawyers in Russia can assist clients in this type of litigation procedures. On the other hand, foreigners interested in immigration to Russia can benefit from complete legal advice. We have a dedicated team of immigration lawyers in Russia who can manage the formalities.


Types of companies to incorporate in Russia


In order to register a company in Russia, investors must first decide on the type of company they want to operate under. From this point of view, foreign enterprisers can choose from the follwing types of companies presented by the attorneys from our law firm in Russia:
  1. Sole proprietorships which are available for single enterprisers interested in setting up small businesses or offering professional services;
  2. The limited liability company which is the most popular type of company in Russia;
  3. The joint stock company which can be registered as a private or public entity;
  4. The partnership which can be general or limited and requires at least two founding members;
  5. The joint venture which is a type of association available for foreign companies interested in having a partnership with a local company;
  6. The cooperative which has gained popularity among investors interested in the agriculture industry in Russia.


Assistance in opening a company in Russia


Russia has a strong, yet complicated legislation related to foreign investments. However, many foreign entrepreneurs are aware of the huge possibilities Russia has to offer and decide to open companies here. By getting in touch with our lawyers in Russia you will find that opening a company here implies several steps and that depends on the type of company you choose. Our lawyer in Russia will not only present you the steps for company registrationbut will also represent you before the local authorities in order to help you save time and focus on other important aspects of your business. Our legal team will help you decide what the most suitable choice is by offering you all the details necessary to make an informed decision before starting the registration procedure. With the support of our lawyers in Russia, you will also benefit from assistance in accessing government funding according to the current legislation.


Guidance for business licensing, provided by our lawyer in Russia


Starting a business in Russia is not that complicated as it was a few years back, and foreign investors find it quite easy to set up companies here. One aspect that should be taken into consideration is applying for the necessary licenses and permits for doing business in Russia.
Foreign business owners can rely on our law firm in Russia for assistance in applying for licenses:
  •  we can advise on the type/ types of licenses and permits needed;
  •  we can advise on the documents that need to be prepared for obtaining these licenses;
  •  we can assist in the relation with specific authorities issuing such licenses;
  •  we can also provide assistance for the immediate start of the business.
Among the industries which require special licenses and permits, we remind the oil and gas sector, forestry, manufacturing, and energy.


Liquidate a company with the help of our law firm in Russia


Company liquidation can become complicated and money consuming if the procedure is not correctly handled from the beginning to the end. No matter the reason you decide to liquidate a company, the Russian Insolvency Law is very clear about steps to be followed. Whether it is voluntary or compulsory, you should know ahead what the solution is and how our Russian attorneys will intervene. Together with a team of accountants, they will advise you on the course of action.


Professional advice in taxation matters in Russia


All companies must abide by the Russian Tax Code which is why the advice of professionals is valuable. Our lawyer in Russia will explain in detail what the financial requirements and tax benefits for local and foreign companies are. In order to provide full services, our lawyers work with experienced accountants who will prepare all financial balances required by the law.


Why choose our law firm in Russia?


With a deep knowledge in most areas of the law, our Russian law firm is made up of professionals in corporate law, litigation, business consulting, debt collection and many other legal branches. We have had long-term collaborations with international partners in order to expand our portfolio and to offer top quality services to our clients.
No matter the type of legal issue you are facing, by working with us you can find a suitable remedy for your problem.


Questions we often get from our clients


Many of our clients have questions when it comes to the legal services we offer in Russia. Among the questions we usually answer are:
  1. Can a law firm help me open a company in Russia?
Yes, law firms can help local and foreign enterprisers who want to open companies in Russia.
  1. Do you also provide other legal services in Russia?
Yes, we are specialized in offering various solutions related to corporate and civil matters.
  1. Do you offer debt collection services in Russia?
Our Russian lawyers can help individuals and companies recover debts through both amicable and court proceedings.
  1. Do you offer assistance in employment matters?
Yes, we can help companies interested in hiring local and foreign employees. We also offer consultancy on employment disputes.
  1. Can you help in buying a property in Russia?
Our services for buying real estate in Russia are related to drafting the sale-purchase agreement and the real estate due diligence procedures.

Legal assistance in litigation cases in Russia

Our Russian litigation attorneys offer assistance in the following:
  •  divorce cases which fall under the regulation of the Family Law in the Civil Code;
  •  child custody and maintenance, also part of the Family Law as divorce procedures;
  •  real estate litigation, which can be handled by our litigation attorneys in Russia;
  •  business disputes - another area where our Russian lawyers can help;
  •  employment litigation, which falls under the provisions of the Russian Employment Code;
  •  intellectual property disputes, which can be resolved through court litigation or arbitration.
You can also rely on us for assistance in other types of litigation cases in Russia. Contact our lawyer in Russia for more details.

Civil proceedings stages and timeframe in Russia

Considering that most of the cases go to civil courts in Russia, our litigation lawyers present you the main stages of civil proceedings and their timeframe:
  1. the first stage of a civil proceeding is the pre-action claims which must be filed 30 days before the claim is submitted;
  2. the second stage of filing the claim with the first instance court can take up to 3 months to be admitted;
  3. if the court issues a judgment which does not represent one of the parties’ interests, an appeal can be lodged with a superior court (the trial can take up to two months in this case);
  4. a cassation appeal or a second appeal is also possible, which can prolong the procedure with an additional two months;
  5. the cassation appeal will only take place if the judge of the Supreme Court has issued a permission in this sense (the procedure in this stage can take from three to nine months);
  6. the final stage of the procedure is completed by a review of the Supreme Court and can take up to 12 months.

Alternative dispute resolution methods in Russia

In the last few years, more and more individuals and companies have started to use alternative dispute resolution methods in Russia. The most common ones are arbitration and mediation.
Among these two procedures, mediation is by far the simplest and fastest way to settle disputes outside a Russian court. Mediation implies for the parties in conflict to resolve the dispute without the presence of a judge. Mediation can imply several meetings of the parties involved in the dispute and reaching an agreement which satisfies the requests of both parties.
Arbitration, on the other hand, implies the involvement of the Arbitration Court in Russia, a case in which a judge of the court will issue a verdict. Even if the procedure resembles one of a Russian court, arbitration is only available in disputes of commercial matters.
Commercial disputes usually appear between companies, an agreement or clause must be introduced in the contract in dispute in order for this procedure to be employed.
We advise foreign citizens interested in immigration to Russia to talk to our local specialists. All the relocation formalities can be handled by our immigration lawyers in Russia.
For legal advice in civil proceedings or questions related to opening a company in Russia do not hesitate to contact us as our team of professionals are always prepared to help you. Our lawyer in Russia will offer you professional legal advice.