Legal Services

Legal Services

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

legal_services_in_russia.jpgOur attorneys in Russia offer various legal services for local and international clients interested in opening or liquidating a company in this country, mergers & acquisitions and other business issues.

We represent you in any litigation you may have in Russia, at any court and throughout all the stages of the legal procedures. Our lawyers in Russia offer the following legal services:

- setting up companies in Russia;

Many foreign entrepreneurs are interested in setting up companies in Russia, one of the biggest and the most attractive countries in the world due to its great natural resources and opportunities for doing business. Our attorneys in Russia will help you incorporate any type of company you want in just a few days and they will also help you prepare the necessary documents in order to be submitted to the Russian authorities.

You may want to open a limited liability company or a joint stock company, which are the most common types of firms the foreign investors open in Russia. There are also other types of businesses available in this country and if you don’t know which is best suited for your business you may ask our lawyers in Russia.

They will offer useful information related to the types of businesses, legal procedures and all you have to know before starting your economic activity.

If you don’t have a registered office, we offer you the possibility to register your company at a prestigious business address in Russia.

- opening subsidiaries and/or branches in Russia;

Incorporating a branch or a subsidiary of a foreign company in Russia is a way to start doing business in this country, but the registration procedures may be sometimes difficult for a foreign citizen who doesn’t speak Russian and who doesn’t know the legal procedures in this country. In order to open fast a branch or a subsidiary, you may contact our Russian lawyers who will handle the entire procedure of registration.

- obtaining permits or licenses for your business;

In Russia, you are not allowed to start certain types of businesses if you don’t have special permits and licenses from the Russian authorities. The good news is that you don’t have to go in person to Russia for obtaining the necessary authorisations; all you have to do is to give the power of attorney to one of our lawyers in Russia who will handle the entire procedure.

- mergers and acquisitions;

For mergers and acquisitions in Russia, it is recommended to ask firstly for the advice from Russian lawyers who know in depth the legislation related to these operations.

- liquidation of Russian companies;

Closing a company implies specific procedures and steps to follow for the owner of a business. When you decide to liquidate your company, you may ask for the legal advice of our law firm in Russia.

- corporate and commercial litigation;

If you are involved in a trial, you may be represented by one of our lawyers in Russia who is ready to go through all the stages of a lawsuit, at any court in this country.

- tax advice and planning;

In order to save money and receive precious information about how you can minimize the taxes you have to pay for your business in Russia, you may ask our lawyers in Russia.

We invite you to watch a short video about the legal services provided by our attorneys in Russia:

If you are interested in immigration issues in different countries, we can put you in touch with affiliates in other countries, such as United Kingdom.