Legal Services in Yekaterinburg

Legal Services in Yekaterinburg

Updated on Friday 29th May 2015

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Legal-Services-in-YekaterinburgRussia presents many investment opportunities foreign businessmen will be interested in. In order to ease the incorporation process and to benefit from clear and correct information about the business environment, investors are advised to rely on the legal services of a law firm in Russia. Our Russian attorneys can provide legal services and representation in many cities and regions of the country, one of the most desired of them being Yekaterinburg.

Legal services provided by our lawyers in Yekaterinburg

Clients can count on our attorneys in Yekaterinburg when establishing a company in this region. Our Russian lawyers can provide information about the main types of companies available for registration in Yekaterinburg and can help investors in choosing the best option. Further on, we will proceed with all the registration steps and deal with all the legal requirements of setting up companies in Russia.

Our accounting staff will provide all the details about the Russian taxation system and also about the tax deductions or investment incentives foreign enterprisers will benefit from in Yekaterinburg.

Legal services in civil matters in Yekaterinburg

Our specialized lawyers in Russia are able to provide services in all types of civil matters starting with civil lawsuits, divorce procedures or marriage registration. We can help foreign investors or citizens with obtaining residency or employment visas. Yekaterinburg is a very attractive option for those wanting to purchase a property in Russia and that is why our Russian lawyers will help clients with the due diligence process when buying real estate in the country and then with the property registration with the Russian Land Registry.

The business environment in Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is the capital city of the Sverdlovsk region and the fourth largest city in Russia. It is known as one of the most developed industrial cities in Russia offering numerous investment opportunities for foreign businessmen. The Sverdlovsk region is one of the most sought regions for both local and foreign investors wanting to expand in Russia.

Yekaterinburg is located mid-way between Europe and Asia providing great investment opportunities for freight companies. Located at the outskirts of the Ural Mountains, Yekaterinburg is rich in natural resources thus offering many investment possibilities in sectors like manufacturing and metallurgy. The Sverdlovsk region is also known as one of the most stable regions in the country providing foreign enterprisers solid economic prospects for their companies.

Yekaterinburg is one of the most developed cities in Russia and we invite our clients to contact us for any information regarding the legal framework on foreign investments in the region.