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About us

Updated on Tuesday 08th October 2019

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The Russian law firm Herman & Smith, established in 2004, has expanded in Central and Eastern Europe offering a wide range of legal services for international clients. We have also collaborated with experienced lawyers from USA, Asia and Latin America and now we have company partners in: UK (London), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin), Switzerland (Geneva), Turkey (Istanbul) and Cyprus (Larnaca).

The team at Herman & Smith is made of more than 20 specialists in various legal fields. The team is headed by Evgeny M. Kuznetsov.

Eugene-KuznetsovEvgeny M. Kuznetsov is the managing partner and founder of Herman & Smith LLC. Specialized in debt restructuring, debt collection, mediation after pleading in litigation cases related to Sea Law, but also after appearing in international arbitration courts, Evgeny has later specialized in offering support to foreign investors interested in operating in Russia. Evgeny has studied in Switzerland where he graduated the Faculty of Law in Geneva and has obtained a master’s degree in Strategic Management from the Kingston University in London.


Our services in Russia

Herman & Smith is specialized in various areas of law and each of the lawyers working with us have at least five years of experience in their fields. Among these, there are: corporate law, business incorporation, real estate operations, employment legislation, arbitration, migration laws, intellectual property rights, tax advisory, foreign investment projects and even company liquidation.

We can help both local and foreign investors set up various types of companies in Russia and abroad. We have specialists which can help clients set up private companies, but also branch offices. We can also help with the preparation of various documents which imply amendments to various types of legal entities. We can also respond to the needs of those interested in offshore company registration in Russia.

Those who need assistance in real estate matters, such as the preparation of various documents related to the sale and purchase of properties can rely on our experts.

We also have lawyers who specialize in migration and intellectual property laws, but we can also offer tax consultancy in order to cover all the needs of foreign investors and citizens interested in doing business or moving to Russia.

Our main goal is to offer effective consulting services, but also practical solutions to those interested in starting a business in Russia. We also strive for all our services to be offered at the highest quality and competitiveness within the shortest time.

In Russia, we have our office in Moscow, where foreign citizens can contact us for legal services and different legal issues that needs to be clarified.

We have developed long-term partnerships with foreign attorneys and we appreciate that is an important part of our mission as a team of lawyers who handle settlements of business disputes.

Our Russian attorneys observe the international standards and the code of ethics of their profession and they are known for the quality of their services tailored to the clients’ needs and their professional conduct.