Set Up a Russian Business for Repair of Transport Equipment

Set Up a Russian Business for Repair of Transport Equipment

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Set-up-a-business-for-maintenance-and-repair-of-motor-vehicles-in-Russia.jpgForeign investors who want to enter the Russian market can explore the transportation sector which caters to the most prolific industries in this country: energy and agriculture. Among the businesses which can be opened in the transportation industry are logistics companies, but also repair and maintenance shops for transport equipment.

Foreign investors can open transport repair and maintenance businesses in Russia by respecting the legislation related to safety on the roads. Below, our Russian lawyers provide information on how to set up this type of business.

Steps to open a transportation repair and maintenance shop in Russia

Before starting to register a business offering transport repair and maintenance services in Russia, the future business owner must consider a few aspects, such as:

  • - drafting a detailed business plan which should include an annual turnover;
  • - finding a suitable location for the company which should the access to clients;
  • - buying the necessary equipment, whcih can include various tools and diagnosis systems;
  • - hiring specialized employees who will ensure the success of the business.

Then, one can start the registration process of the company with the Russian Trade Register. Our lawyers in Russia can help with the incorporation of a business in the transport sector.

Types of services offered by repair shops in Russia

The Russian transportation sector is quite extensive, therefore the possibilities of servicing this industry are too. A business offering repair and maintenance services can address the following industries:

  • - road transportation;
  • - aviation;
  • - maritime.

It should be noted that each industry has its own laws, therefore the Russian company will have to comply with these.

Other requirements for companies offering transport repair and maintenance services

Those who open companies in the transportation sector, even if they offer repair and maintenance services must apply for certain licenses or register with the relevant authorities before starting their activities.

Among the requirements they must comply with are:

  • - car repair shops must register with the Road Transport Authority;
  • - companies offering maritime repair services must register with the Agency of Maritime and River Transport;
  • - companies offering aviation repair services must comply with the requisites of the Civil Aviation Authority;
  • - other types of repair and maintenace shops which must obtain approval from the municipalities.

For opening a business for repair and maintenance services of transport equipment, please contact our law firm in Russia.