Rental Contract in Russia

Rental Contract in Russia

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Renting an estate in Russia can be done by anyone who meets the requirements of the agreement ("arenda") and is able to pay the amount of money specified in the lease. Our lawyers in Russia can help you with these matters, as it can be a complex process at times. 

Conditions of a Russian rental contract

When renting a property through an agency, the tenant will most probably be asked to provide a proof of his/her ability to pay. Whereas when this is done with the landlord directly, the procedure can be a little less formal and the tenant can ensure the owner verbally of the future employment and wage. 
Other information might need to be provided, such as his/her intended length of renting the estate or other private aspects. The owner may as well state some rules in the contract concerning smoking, decorating, making other types of changes, pets etc. In some cities there are very strict noise restrictions as well. Tenants are responsible for any damage done to the house/flat or property (when the fault is his/hers).
In case you need help in renting a property in this country, our Russian lawyers can provide it to you, as well as any other information on some other legal issues.

Rental Contract Information in Russia

Some information that a rental agreement  has to contain are mandatory, but others are optional:
  • • date of rent's payment;
  • • how it should be paid;
  • • utilities of the property;
  • • details about the landlord's visits (if any);
  • • information on the deposit (amount, conditions etc);
  • • length of contract (initially it lasts for six or twelve months);
  • • conditions of contract (any repairs, termination conditions etc).
The agency will typically ask for a month's rent in advance and then the payment has to be made monthly (either by bank transfer or cash). When renting from a landlord, the rent can increase at his wishes and because of this it can be a better idea to rent a property through an agency that will ask for a fix rent. 
The documents that a tenant must provide are usually an ID card or passport and a proof of a residence permit or a visa for Russia.

Deposit and inventory of a Russian rental agreement

Deposits ("zadatok") are legal and is surely required, especially when renting the place through an agency. With a landlord, you can negotiate the amount of the deposit and it is usually a month's rent. Generally the payment is given back at the moment the contract expires.
The rental contract must also contain an inventory and it is advised to check the place first in case of any existing damages. The list includes appliances, furniture and other items.
The agreement can be terminated either by the landlord or by the tenant and the lease should state the minimum of days' notice that should be given.
For any legal issues concerning rental contracts, feel free to seek counsel from our law firm in Russia as they have expanded expertise in such matters.