Open a Software Company in Russia

Open a Software Company in Russia

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Open-a-software-company-in-Russia.jpgForeign enterprisers looking to set up new business ventures in Russia can choose the information technology, usually known as IT, because it generates good incomes. Also, Russia has a very well-prepared workforce able to offer top services.

Among the most sought services from an IT company are software development, web design and the creation of animation for the gaming industry. However, these are not the only services which can be provided by a software company in Russia. Those who want to set up software businesses in this country can be assisted by our law firm in Russia.

Legislation related to the IT industry in Russia

Software is one best performing sectors of the IT industry in Russia and even if the legislation is less stringent, those who create this type of companies here will still be required to comply with these laws. Among them are:

  • -          Law No. 126 on Communications;
  • -          Law No. 152 on Personal Data Protection;
  • -          Law No. 149 also known as the Law on Information.

Software companies must also respect certain provisions in the Civil Code and in the Media Law. Our lawyers in Russia can offer more information on the legislation applicable to software businesses.

Company registration in the software sector in Russia

Foreign and local enterprisers who want to open software companies in Russia can benefit from a flexible approach related to the form of the business: they can register as sole traders and offer their services by themselves, or they can incorporate limited liability companies and integrate various services in the company.

The company registration procedure is the same as for any other type of IT company and can be completed by our Russian lawyers in the shortest time possible. It should be noted that no special requirements are imposed to software companies unless they offer telecom services, case in which a telecommunications license will be required.

Among the services which can be provided by software companies in Russia we remind the following:

  • -          programming;
  • -          marketing implementation;
  • -          data analysis;
  • -          website creation;
  • -          IT consultancy services.

For full information on the requirements for opening a software company in Russia, do not hesitate to contact our local attorneys.