Obtain Information about a Russian Company

Obtain Information about a Russian Company

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Obtain-Information-about-a-Russian-CompanyForeign investors wanting to conclude a business partnership or involved in a merger or acquisition transaction with a Russian company will certainly require more information about the respective enterprise before concluding the agreement. Foreign businessmen have several possibilities when looking to obtain information about Russian companies. Among these, they can verify the available information with the local Trade Register or they can require the legal services of a Russian law firm that will conduct company due diligence.

Obtain information about a company with the Russian Trade Register

Foreign investors may find complete information about a company at the United Register of Legal Entities. This information includes the registration date, if any changes have been made in the company’s management and if all business licenses have been obtained. All the information is available on the Trade Register’s online portal and can be attained by simply introducing the company’s name, registration number or tax registration number. Detailed information about companies in Russia from the Companies Register is available if the subscriber pays a fee. Detailed information will usually refer to the registered office of the company and name of directors and shareholders.

Company due diligence in Russia

The Russian Trade Register is only one way of obtaining information about a Russian company. The second option is for foreign businessmen to request the services of Russian lawyers who will conduct a more thorough and to-the-point investigation about the targeted company.

Our law firm in Russia can conduct extended commercial, financial and legal company due diligence, based on the type of transaction or business relations our clients are about to enter to the targeted company. Commercial due diligence can be conducted in order to verify the compatibility between the client’s foreign company and the Russian company. Financial due diligence consists in a thorough investigation of the Russian company’s financial status and the legal due diligence is performed in order to verify a company’s liability. The last two types of company due diligence are usually employed by foreign investors in merger and acquisition transactions.

Our lawyers in Russia will provide customized business solutions that include company due diligence and will also help clients with the registration of new businesses. You can also contact our Russian attorneys for information about investment opportunities.