Maritime Law in Russia

Maritime Law in Russia

Updated on Wednesday 06th July 2016

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Maritime-Law-in-RussiaRussia has a comprehensive legislation covering maritime activities comprised of the Federal Law on Continental Shelf of the Russian Federation and the Merchant Shipping Act. The former is also known as the Sea Law. While the Sea Law provides for the exploitation of natural resources on the continental part of the seabed, the Merchant Shipping Law regulates the activities undertaken by Russian companies operating in the maritime industry.

Considering Russia has signed numerous treaties related to maritime activities, it has also incorporated in its legislation provisions about arbitration in case of litigation related to such activities.

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The Merchant Shipping Act in Russia

The most important law on maritime activities in Russia is the Merchant Shipping Code which provides for purchasing, registering and using vessels for both commercial and recreational purposes. The following undertakings are allowed under the Maritime Law:

  • -          carrying cargo and passengers;
  • -          collecting water natural resources;
  • -          towage operations;
  • -          protection of the marine environment;
  • -          carrying out scientific research;
  • -          using boats for educational, sport, cultural or other activities.

Also, according to the Russian maritime legislation, both individuals and companies are required to register their ships with the Maritime Register of Shipping. According to the law, vessels are subject to certain categorization criteria, based on which the operating licenses are released.

Other laws related to maritime activities in Russia

Even if the most important law is the Merchant Shipping Code, Russia has interconnected several laws in order to adhere to international standards. Among these are bilateral conventions signed by Russia with other countries and international agreements, such as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships and the Hamburg Rules referring to the sea transportation of goods. Russia is also a member of the International Maritime Organization.

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