Create a Rental and Leasing Activities Company in Russia

Create a Rental and Leasing Activities Company in Russia

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Create-a-rental-and-leasing-activities-company-in-Russia.jpgBy size, Russia is one of the largest countries in the world, which is why travelling between cities or even regions can be very difficult for those who need to do that. An appropriate means of transportation is necessary in order to make the journey as comfortable as possible. With various important business centers, foreign businessmen need to go from a Russian city to another and most them prefer to rent cars from local companies. This is how the Russian car rental and leasing industry has become quite developed during the last several years.

Below, our Russian lawyers explain how to set up a rental and leasing activities company in this country.

The appropriate business form for a car rental company in Russia

No matter if the future business owner is a local or a foreigner, he or she must know that the limited liability company is the most appropriate type of business form when starting a car rental and leasing company, as these activities are usually carried out a larger scale in Russia.

There are no specific requirements for starting a car leasing and rental business in Russia, however, the investor must know the following:

  • -          car leasing and rental services are usually requested by tourists and foreign businessmen coming to Russia;
  • -          creating a large fleet of cars which offer various types of auto vehicles is crucial;
  • -          a great business idea is offering luxury car rental services, as Russia is often visited by important personalities.

Our law firm in Russia can offer information on the Road Transportation Law which must be respected when renting a car in this country.

Requirements for car rental and leasing companies in Russia

Starting a company which carries out car rental and leasing activities in Russia implies several special measures taken by the business owner. Amon these are the insurance policy for each vehicle, but also a special insurance policy for the period in which a specific car is rented. Also, all the vehicles in the fleet must be up to date with the periodical technical verifications.

Another important aspect to be covered by a Russian car rental and leasing business is the individual contract that must be signed with each client.

For assistance in setting up a car rental and leasing activities business, please contact our lawyers in Russia.