Updated on Friday 03rd March 2023 is a member of BridgeWest®, a network of European lawyers and specialists in company incorporation, who work with international clients in over 65 countries.


lawyer_Camelia_Enescu.jpgI have been working with the attorneys from and I am very satisfied by their prompt and professional answer to all my requests. I recommend these lawyers to all the foreign investors who are interested in opening a company in Russia or who need legal services in this country.  is made of a team of professionals I recommend.
Attorney at Law Camelia Enescu
Enescu&Cuc Law Firm (
marcela-manea.jpgThe foreign entrepreneurs who are searching for a good lawyer in Russia can count on the attorneys they find on the website I am satisfied by the collaboration with them because they offered professional legal services to my clients interested in doing business in this country. I hope for similar good collaborations with this team in the future.
Attorney Marcela Manea
Darie, Manea &Associates (
Vlad is one of our oldest partners and for BridgeWest they were of real help when opening companies in Russia on behalf of our clients. We hope for more good cooperation, We recommend to all foreign investors interested in expanding their operations in Russia.
Vlad Cuc
Director of BridgeWest (
Valeri-Bendianishvili-lawyerWe had various uncertainties related to the intellectual property legislation in Russia and the team at was very helpful. We will be sure to ask for their support in such matters, if we needed again. is definitely a reliable law firm.
Valeri Bendianishvili
Lawyer and managing partner at Business Setup Georgia LLC (
Paul-Gheorghiu-company formation answered all our questions about the licenses requiered to open a company in Russia. We want to thank them for the quick and accurate answers. We recommend this team of lawyers to those who need help in obtaining licenses for their companies.
Paul Gheorghiu
Company formation agent at Sig Fiduciaire (