Set Up an Advertising and Marketing Company in Russia

Set Up an Advertising and Marketing Company in Russia

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Set-up-an-advertising-and-marketing-company-in-Russia.jpgThere are plenty of industries foreign investors can open companies in Russia, among them some emerging sectors such as financial technology and e-commerce. Together with these industries others have developed, one of the most prolific ones being advertising and marketing. Also, there are no restrictions for foreign investors who want to set up advertising and marketing agencies in Russia.

Russia has very strict regulations related to advertising marketing companies must comply with. Our lawyers in Russia can offer information on these regulations.

The Advertising Law in Russia

There are several laws which provide for undertaking of advertising and marketing activities in Russia. Among these are the Civil Law which provides for the freedom of speech and transmission of information, the Competition Law and the Advertising Law.

Foreign investors who want to open advertising and marketing agencies in Russia must also comply with these laws. They should also know that the Advertising Law prohibits advertisements to tobacco and alcohol-based products, according to an amendment brought to the law in 2013. There are also certain special provisions related to advertisement of medical products.

Another law governing marketing and advertising activities is the Commercial Law.

Our law firm in Russia can offer additional information on the restrictions imposed to advertising companies.

How to create an advertising and marketing business in Russia

Both local and foreign investors can set up companies which offer advertising and marketing solutions in Russia. The first step to take is to register a company or a sole proprietorship with the Trade Register following which they can start their activities.

There are no special licenses when opening a Russian marketing company, however its activities will be monitored by the Federal Antimonopoly Service.

The company can display ads on the internet, in magazines, on television or can display billboards in special designated areas. In this case, approval from the local authorities is required.

For complete information related to setting up an advertising and marketing company in Russia, you can rely on our local law firm. Please contact us if you need assistance in registering the company.