Set Up a Foundation in Russia

Set Up a Foundation in Russia

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Set-up-a-foundation-in-RussiaThe global trend of setting up non-profit organizations (NGOs) has also picked up in Russia during the last several years, which is why establishing this type of structure is quite easy. The main law providing for foundations in Russia is the Civil Law which also divides them into non-commercial corporate and non-commercial unitary organizations. However, Russia also enabled the Federal Laws on Non-Commercial Organizations, on Public Associations and on Charities in order distinguish between all the types of foundations.

Foundations or NGOs are structures established for non-commercial purposes as seen above and which generally focus on offering their services to the society. Our lawyers in Russia can offer more information on the activities which can be carried out by foundations.

Types of foundations which can be set up in Russia

As mentioned above, there are two main forms a Russian foundation can take: the non-commercial corporate organization and non-commercial unitary organization. The difference between them is that the former may offer membership to its founders and have a governing body, while the latter may not.

Foreign companies may also establish NGOs in Russia under one of the following forms:

  • -          foundations;
  • -          autonomous non-commercial associations;
  • -          unions or associations;
  • -          public organizations;
  • -          institutions;
  • -          charities.

No matter the type of foundation one want to set up in Russia, various tax benefits are available. Our Russian attorneys can explain what the benefits of establishing a NGO here are.

How to create a non-profit organization in Russia

Both foreign and Russian citizens may set up foundations in Russia based on the several documents which be drafted and notarized. These documents are known as the charter of the foundation or the agreement under which the NGO is created. The founding documents must contain information about the members of the foundation, its name, address and objectives.

Russian foundations are also allowed to set up branches and even representative offices which will be registered with the Companies Register.

For full information on how to establish a foundation in Russia, please contact us. Our Russian lawyers can also help with the preparation of the founding documents of the NGO.