Set Up a Consulting Company in Russia

Set Up a Consulting Company in Russia

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Set-up-a-consulting-company-in-Russia.jpgChoosing the industry to operate in is one of the most important steps when deciding to open a company in Russia. This industry usually depends on the qualifications of the future business owner. While some are good at selling various products and decide to set up shops, others have certain studies and decide to offer consultancy services in the field they best know.  This is how the consulting sector has emerged in Russia.

With 2016 not being a very good year for Russia from an economic point of view, the consultancy market has gained popularity as the number of foreign investors interested in opening companies here and needing advice has kept a steady pace.

Our lawyers in Russia can assist with the registration of a consulting business in this country.

What are the most sought consulting services in Russia?

According to recent reports, foreign investors are quite interested in getting help when starting a business here. The most sought industries which can ensure the success of a consulting company in Russia are:

  • -          the business advisory sector;
  • -           the tax advisory sector;
  • -          the accounting and audit advisory sector;
  • -          the IT management advisory sector;
  • -          the HR sector.

Apart from these, there are also specialized consulting services related to agriculture or the financial services industries.

How to set up a consulting business in Russia

The first step to create a consulting company in Russia is to research the area one wants to operate in. His or her qualifications are also important when deciding to offer consulting services. Then, the company registration procedure with the Russian Trade Register can be completed.

One of the greatest advantages of opening a consulting company in Russia is that there are no special licenses to be obtained as long as one’s qualifications are related to the filed the business operates in.

An important fact to consider when supplying consultancy services is making the company visible on the market. This is because the consultancy market in Russia is a very competitive one.

If you want to open a consulting business and need assistance with the registration procedure, please contact us. You can also rely on our Russian law firm for assistance in other legal matters.