Set Up a Catering Business in Russia

Set Up a Catering Business in Russia

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Set-up-a-catering-business-in-Russia.jpgLocal and foreign entrepreneurs who want to do business in Russia have plenty of choices. One of the best Russian industries to invest in at the moment is the hospitality sector. From restaurants to hotels, there are various options for each enterpriser depending on the amount available which does not necessarily need to be large. One of the best examples when it comes to setting up a food business is the catering company.

Those who want to open a catering business in Russia can operate from a rented location or from the comfort of their own home, if they rely on a small capital. No matter where they offer their catering services from, they must comply with the legislation related to the food industry.

Our lawyers in Russia can assist with the registration of the catering business.

What are the main laws to be respected by Russian catering businesses?

One of the most important laws which provide for the establishment of a restaurant or catering business is the Russian Technical Regulation of Food Safety. The sanitary requirements imposed by the law with the same name must also be complied with by Russian catering companies. Among the other laws to be respected by this type of venture are also:

  • -          the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Packaging;
  • -          the Russian Sanitary and Labeling Requirements;
  • -          the Administrative Regulation on Veterinary Control;
  • -          the Technical Regulations on Safety of Fat and Oil Products.

You can obtain more information on these laws from our law firm in Russia.

How to create a catering company in Russia

Before starting the company registration process, one must make sure he or she has everything needed to start. From the equipment to establishing a network of suppliers and to the marketing strategy in order to promote the services of the catering company, these aspects need to be considered prior to opening the company.

Once the Russian catering company is registered, the necessary special permits must be obtained from the relevant authorities.

If you want to set up a catering business and need assistance, our attorneys in Russia can guide you through the legal requirements. We can also help with the company incorporation process, so do not hesitate to contact us.