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Residency by Investment in Russia

Updated on Friday 05th November 2021

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Residency by Investment in Russia.jpgThe Golden Visa Program is to be implemented in Russia in 2022, in order to attract as many investors as possible. As many countries have already adopted this system, Russia also wants to align with market requirements and to offer to foreigners the opportunity to receive residency through investments. Find out from our lawyers in Russia what Russian residency by investment entails and what are the legal aspects you need to keep in mind. You can talk to us if you want to immigrate to Russia.

Russian residency by investment for the first time

Russia is going to implement the program for obtaining residence by foreigners who want to invest in this country. The Russian Ministry of Economic Development has already drawn up an investment plan in this regard, and more precisely between RUB 10 and 50 million to access the Golden Visa Program in Russia. Here is what this program basically involves and how it can be accessed, with the help of the 5 options, currently under discussion, mentionung that you can be helped if you want to move to Russia:
  1. Investments of at least RUB 15 million (ie a little over EUR 180,000) in existing companies on the Russian market - The applicant must choose a company that is on the market for at least 3 years, employs at least 25 local workers, and has up-to-date tax payments.
  2. Investments of at least RUB 15 million in a new company with establishments in Russia - In the case of foreign companies, the investment must be at least RUB 50 million (around EUR 600,000)
  3. Properties worth RUB 30 million (around EUR 400,000) - The condition is to own these properties for at least 3 years, after which to apply for residence in Russia.
  4. Sole proprietorships in Russia - Those interested must have an investment capital of RUB 10 million. In addition, you must hire at least 10 workers.
  5. Government bonds worth RUB 30 million - The obligation to buy them three years before applying for a residence permit in Russia is imposed in this program.
So, these are the methods by which foreigners can get Russian residency by investment and more precisely Golden Visa Program in Russia. The program will be implemented in 2022, but until then, the residence permit can be obtained according to current rules. We invite you to discuss all legal issues with our lawyers in Russia. This way you can have the guarantee that the submission documents are in order and that the application will not be rejected. Talk to us for more details about residency by investment in Russia and about how to immigrate to Russia.

How to issue a residence permit in Russia

Applicants for Russian residency by investment must know that in the first phase the temporary residence permit will be issued. This document is valid for one year, after which residents will apply for a permanent residence permit in Russia. In this case, the authorities may impose the obligation to know the Russian language, but the implementation plan of Russian residency by investment is still under debate in Russia. However, if you plan to relocate to Russia, give us an email.

Russia, a major investment destination

Russia is among the countries with great potential for return on investments and consistent profits. Among the attributes of this country are the stability of the financial market, the experienced labor force, industrial areas with special status, a beneficial taxation system, and the possibility to register a company without complexities. The following statistics show broadly the economic direction of Russia:
  • About USD 447 billion was the total FDI in Russia in 2020.
  • Most foreign investments were absorbed by the mining and quarrying sector, at a rate of 24%, in 2020.
  • 2020 Doing Business report ranked Russia 28th out of 190 world economies in terms of the business climate.
  • The UK, US, France, and Turkey are among the largest foreign investors in Russia.
  • In 2020, Cyprus invested over 28% of total foreign investment in Russia, followed by Bermuda with about 9%.

Our Russian lawyers can help you with citizenship in Russia

Even if the Golden Visa Program is about to be implemented in Russia, foreign citizens can invest in this country in various sectors, either by creating new companies or investing in existing ones. Residence permits are required for foreigners who want to relocate to Russia, so we recommend the legal support provided by our lawyers in Russia. Professionalism, efficiency, and confidentiality are among the advantages you can benefit from if you collaborate with us.
Therefore, those interested in Russian residency by investment or how to move to Russia can contact our law firm in Russia. Find out details about our legal services.