Resolve Commercial Disputes in Russia

Resolve Commercial Disputes in Russia

Updated on Wednesday 23rd November 2016

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Resolve-commercial-disputes-in-RussiaSince the Russian economy has started recovery, the country became a very attractive country for foreign investors. While some of them preferred to register their own companies, others chose joint ventures or franchising as a means of doing business in Russia. This has led to various situations in which companies have entered various disputes. However, due to the necessity of having clear regulations which would increase foreign investors’ confidence, the authorities have amended the legislation related to the resolution of commercial disputes in Russia.

Our attorneys in Russia can offer information about the legislation related to commercial litigation in this country.

What are the ways of settling commercial disputes in Russia?

There are two ways of resolving commercial disputes in Russia:

  • -          by trial with the Russian courts of justice;
  • -          by arbitration.

No matter the way a Russian company involved in a commercial litigation chooses to address the situation, it will benefit from a just and speedy resolution. However, it is advisable to request the legal services of Russian lawyers whether a court trial or arbitration procedures are chosen.

Arbitration or trial when dealing with commercial litigation in Russia?

Both procedures have their own advantages. If court proceedings are in place, a local or a foreign company involved in a commercial litigation in Russia may appeal to several bodies. Among these are:

  • -          general courts;
  • -          arbitration tribunals, which are part of the court system;
  • -          the Constitutional Court;
  • -          the procuracy.

If choosing arbitration, the Arbitrazh Courts are the main bodies in charge with issuing a ruling in a commercial dispute in Russia. It should be noted that nowadays, a great number of companies choose arbitration in order to settle commercial litigation because it is cheaper and less time consuming.

How to resolve commercial disputes with a Russian court?

The Civil Code provides for court litigation related to commercial cases. The first stage of the proceedings implies filing a petition with the appropriate court. Then the process continues with the parties which must prepare for trial by filing the evidence they have and the hearings. Based on the evidence and the testimony of the parties and their witnesses, the court will issue a ruling.

For assistance in litigation related to commercial cases, please feel free to contact our law firm in Russia.