Preparing the Will in Russia

Preparing the Will in Russia

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Preparing-the-Will-in-Russia.jpgIndividuals who want to pass on their property or assets can prepare a will in Russia. If no such document exists, the property will be distributed by default according to law and to the heirs who have succession rights.
One of our lawyers in Russia can help you draw up this legal document and then take it to a Russian notary to have it certified. A witness can also be used when concluding this type of document, however, if it is not also notarized, the will may not be enforceable in a Russian court.

Drawing up a will in Russia

The will is the expression of the testator's wishes to pass on his property. Only one type of will exists in Russia: drawn up in the presence of the individual and certified by a notary. A witness can be used and, in some special circumstances, two witnesses. 
The will in Russia must be certified by a registered notary in order to be valid.

The inheritance law in Russia

The Russia Civil Code governs a large portion of the manner in which individuals can pass on property and their inheritance rights. Russian nationals abroad can also draw up a will at a Russian Consul who has the authority to draw up and legalize this document.
According to law, the spouse, parents and children of the deceased have equal inheritance rights. If the individual has no legal heirs of this rank, the property and assets are equally passed on to the grandparents, brothers and sisters.
An individual who wants to control the proportion of his property that is to be distributed to one member of the family or the other can use a will to clearly specify how his relatives will receive part of the property (or not). The same inheritance rules apply to foreigners and nationals.
Our lawyers in Russia can help you with inheritance matters if you live in the country and own property that needs to be distributed to heirs. We can also help you with legal representation and advice if you are a legal heir in Russia.
Contact our law firm in Russia for more information and personalized advice.