Open Russian Business for Selling Food,Beverages and Tobacco

Open Russian Business for Selling Food,Beverages and Tobacco

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Open-a-business-for-selling-food-beverages-and-tobacco-in-Russia.jpgThe FMCG industry is one of the largest economic sectors in the global economy and all countries participate to it by importing and exporting goods to other countries. Russia is one of the largest contributors to the FMCG industry, as it one of the most important economies in the world and it offers plenty of opportunities to those seeking to start such businesses here.

Among the most sold goods in this industry in Russia are food, beverages and tobacco. For each of this category of products, there are certain requirements to respect. Our lawyers in Russia can help investors who want to open companies for selling food, beverages and tobacco.

Registering a shop for selling food, beverages and tobacco in Russia

Foreign investors can open small or large stores in which they can sell products like food, beverages and tobacco alongside other important goods for daily use. In order to do that, one must first register a company and then apply for specific licenses which enable them to sell these products.

Foreign investors can rely on our law firm in Russia for assistance in registering a business for selling food, beverages and tobacco.

Regulations for selling food and beverages in Russia

The sale of food and beverages is strictly regulated in Russia and those who set up shops in order to sell such products must respect a few requirements, among which:

  • -          for imported food and beverages, an import license must be obtained by the seller;
  • -          the labels of the food and bottles must be in Russian or translated into Russian for imported products;
  • -          specific markings which show the goods comply with the national regulations must be contained by the packages and bottles;
  • -          the goods must be stored in the conditions mentioned on their labels;
  • -          the shop must undergo the inspections of the authorities in charge of authorizing their operations.

For locally produced goods, the requirements are less stringent.

Selling tobacco in Russia

Even if tobacco can be sold in shops which also sell food and beverages, the business will be subject to additional requirements. Among these, the shop is not allowed to sell tobacco to minors, and the packages must respect the requirements of the Tobacco Control Act.

If you want to open a shop for selling food, beverages and tobacco and need help, please contact our Russian lawyers.