Open Business for Repair and Maintenance of Ships in Russia

Open Business for Repair and Maintenance of Ships in Russia

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Open-a-business-for-repair-and-maintenance-of-ships-in-Russia.jpgThe maritime sector is one of the most performant industries in the Russian economy. With access to national waters, such as great rivers, and international ones, Russia is nowadays one of the greatest maritime powers in the world.

The Russian maritime industry is made up of several branches, among which shipping is the most important, therefore, it is important for ships to receive repair and maintenance services.

Those interested in setting up businesses for the repair and maintenance of ships in Russia must comply with several laws. Our Russian lawyers can offer full information on the maritime legislation applicable in this country.

Registering a vessel repair and maintenance business in Russia

Both local and foreign investors are allowed to set up ship repair and maintenance companies Russia. Foreign enterprisers can register the company themselves, but they can also enter into joint venture agreements with local companies and thus enhance their visibility on the market.

No matter the way in which the business starts, the company must be registered with the Trade Register in Russia.

Our law firm in Russia can assist with the incorporation process of the business offering repair and maintenance services for ships.

Services offered by ship repair and maintenance companies in Russia

One of the greatest advantages of opening a company for the repair and maintenance of ships in Russia is the wide variety of services it can offer, and also the categories of vessels it can cater to. Among these are:

  • - cargo ships;
  • - yachts;
  • - passenger ships;
  • - other types of vessels.

With respect to the services the Russian company can offer, these are:

  • - carpentry work;
  • - installation and maintenance of equipment;
  • - cleaning services;
  • - docking and harboring services.

Compared to setting up other types of companies in the maritime sector, the repair and maintenance business is not required to apply for any special licenses with the maritime authorities. However, business owners are recommended to hire specialized personnel for offering these services.

For full information on how to start a business for repair and maintenance of ships, please feel free to contact our lawyers in Russia. You can also rely for guidance in registering the company.