Open a Travel Agency in Russia

Open a Travel Agency in Russia

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Open-a-travel-agency-in-Russia.jpgRussia is not only a very sought investment destination, it is also very appreciated touristic destination. The large number of visitors entering the countries to see the most spectacular architectures and landscapes of cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg have transformed tourism into one of the best industries to invest in Russia.

Foreign citizens who want to open a company in tourism in Russia have several options, among which hotels, restaurants and travel agencies. Our lawyers in Russia can explain the requirements related to setting up a travel agency in this country.

Registering a company for tourism purposes in Russia

One of the greatest advantages for setting up a travel agency in Russia is the lower costs when compared to starting any other type of HORECA company. Foreign investors can open travel agencies in any Russian city and can expand their activities through branch offices.

One must first choose a type of structure for their company and then register it with the Trade Register in Russia. The sole trader is a good option for those who want to start a small travel agency business or a limited liability company for those willing to invest more.

No matter the business form, our law firm in Russia can assist with the registration of the company with the right authorities.

Licenses for travel agents in Russia

Operating a Russian travel agency does not require special licenses; however, this industry is quite developed in this country and agencies can register with the Association of Tour Operators in order to increase their visibility and gain the confidence of potential clients.

Also, travel agents are advised to obtain certain qualifications with local or international organizations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA), if they want to offer more than tour operating services. Through this certification, travel agents can also sell plane tickets.

Travel agencies in Russia can also offer services related to obtaining tourist visas, considering the legal requirements for the citizens of certain countries.

For full information on how to start a travel agency or assistance in registering a company in tourism, please feel free to contact our Russian law firm.