Open a Shop in Russia

Open a Shop in Russia

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Name.jpgAccording to the Federal Statistics Office, the Russian retail sector has grown significantly during the last few years registering a stable annual growth of 13%. This has encouraged many large retailers to set up shops in Russia, however the number of smaller shops entering the market has also increased considerably.

Investors who want to open a company in Russia and set it up as a shop must comply with the local legislation related to selling goods. Our lawyers in Russia can offer information on these laws, as well as on the licenses needed to carry out a trading activity.

Types of shops which can be set up in Russia

Foreign investors are drawn by the retail sector in Russia because they can open various types of shops here. Among these, the retail market accommodates:

  • -          hypermarkets which are usually located in industrial areas at the outskirts of large cities;
  • -          supermarkets, local and discount stores which can be found in residential areas within the cities;
  • -          local shops and stalls which can be found in malls and smaller towns;
  • -          open air markets which are found in neighborhoods.

No matter the type of store one decides to open in Russia, the company registration procedure is necessary before starting trading. Our law firm in Russia can assist with the company formation procedure when opening a shop.

Licenses for opening a store in Russia

Foreign investors opening stores in Russia must comply with several regulations and obtain certain approvals and permits from the local authorities before starting operating. First of all, the premises of the shops must comply with the local regulations related to the display and sale of products. Then, special licenses are required depending on their provenience and their type. These licenses are usually issued by the national authorities.

Imported products must also comply with certain laws imposed by the Customs Authorities and certain permits are needed before commercializing them in Russian stores.

If you want to open a shop in Russia and need assistance with the registration procedure of the company, please contact us. Our attorneys in Russia can also offer information on the legislation related to commercializing various products in this country.