Open a Restaurant in Russia

Open a Restaurant in Russia

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Open-a-restaurant-in-Russia.jpgRussia has gorgeous wild landscapes which combined with the opulence found in cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg creates the perfect destination for tourists seeking to explore this country. As a matter of fact, tourism is one of the most prolific economic sectors in Russia considering there are plenty of options when deciding to start a business in this industry. Also, foreign investors benefit from the same facilities as local ones when creating a travel agency, a hotel or a restaurant in Russia.

Our lawyers in Russia can explain the main requirements related to setting up a restaurant in this country.

Types of food establishments which can be opened in Russia

There are several types of food establishments an enterpriser can set up in Russia, all of them being categorized as restaurants. From cafes to fast food shops and fancy restaurants, they can all find a niche on the Russian market. It should be noted that Russian citizens prefer diners, so this type of unit is a good idea for those who don’t want to invest too much money in the beginning.

There is also the luxury segment of the restaurant sector in Russia, as cities like Moscow and Novosibirsk welcome a lot of businessmen all year long.

Recently, franchises of renowned international food establishments have started to become popular among entrepreneurs seeking to make a sure investment, while catering businesses are most employed by small enterprisers.

Setting up the restaurant business in Russia

Apart from the company registration procedure which is a must and can be carried out by our law firm in Russia, the investor must decide on the location of the restaurant. One must also comply with the food safety regulations and hiring specialized personnel. A restaurant owner should also pay attention to the extra services he offers to Russian clients who rely their choices on these.

Those who want to have their own restaurant in Russia can also explore the possibility of buying an existing business and improve it, as this is a common practice here.

If you want to start a restaurant business in Russia and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers. You can also rely on our Russian lawyers for the company formation process.