Obtaining Work Permit in Russia

Obtaining Work Permit in Russia

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Obtaining-Work-Permit-in-RussiaRussia’s immigration laws and regulations for foreign employees are quite complicated, that's why it is best to verify what one needs in order to work there. Foreign citizens may also need the services of a law firm in Russia in order to become acquainted with the employment regulations before coming to the country.

What are the main steps to obtain a Russian work permit?

There are several steps to follow when applying for a Russian work permit. The procedure begins with the Russian company applying for permission with the employment authorities to hire a foreign worker. Once the authorities have granted permission to the company, the Russian employer will apply for the labor permit with the territorial division of the Migration Service and then notify the tax authorities about the employment of the foreign citizen.

Russian employment permits for foreign citizens are usually issued for one year. It must also be noted that it takes between three and three and a half months to obtain a Russian labor permit. Also, the Russian authorities issue employment permits for foreign citizens based on a quota established on a yearly basis.

Russian work permits for highly qualified specialists

The authorities allow Russian companies to hire foreign highly qualified specialists. However, there are certain criteria based on which Russian employment permits for foreign specialists are issued. Among these, the employer will pay a gross monthly salary of 167,000 rubles to the foreign worker.

A Russian employment permit for highly qualified specialists has a three-year validity period and is issued faster than regular work permit. It takes about one month to receive this type of labor permit in Russia.

Other ways of obtaining Russian labor permits

Another option of obtaining a work permit is to register as a sole trader in Russia. This type of work permit will later allow the foreign citizen to apply for permanent residency in Russia. However, it is best to request the services of Russian lawyers when applying for a work permit as a sole entrepreneur due to the lengthy and more complicated procedure.

For details about the documents required to apply for a labor permit, please contact our lawyers in Russia.