Obtaining Russian visa

Obtaining Visa for Russia

Updated on Friday 20th March 2020

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Obtaining-Visa-for-RussiaForeign citizens travelling to Russia require a visa. In order to avoid problems, one must know exactly the departure date and the Russian city or towns to visit, as this information must be declared in the visa application. The applicant must also make sure he/she has a valid passport. Another important requirement when applying for a visa is to find a sponsor, whether an individual or a Russian company. The sponsor will issue an invitation, also known as a visa support letter. Foreign citizens travelling for recreational purposes can obtain the necessary support documents with the travel agency or hotel they’ll be staying in.

Types of Russian visas

Before applying for the visa, one must decide the type of visa he/she requires. Russian visas are usually issued based on the amount of time spent in the country and on the purpose of the trip. The following types of visas are available when going to Russia:

  • - the tourist visa which has a one month (30 days) validity period, allows two entries in the country and is issued in 24 hours,
  • - the special purpose tourist visa which allows the applicant to attend different events in Russia,
  • - the business visa which has a nine days validity period and allows three entries; it is usually employed for conducting business in Russia,
  • - the multiple entry business visa with a one-year validity period and unlimited entries,
  • - the transit visa with a 30-days validity period,
  • - the private visa with a 90-days validity period,
  • - the humanitarian visa,
  • - the student visa,
  • - the employment visa.

Depending on the type of Russian visa and nationality of the applicant, different documents are required.

Documents required when applying for a Russian visa

The following documents are required for all foreign citizens traveling to Russia:

  • - the original passport which must have a six-months validity period at least,
  • - an application form,
  • - two recent passport photos (not older than six months),
  • - proof of accommodation.

Other supporting documents, such as health insurance, employment letter or bank statements, may also be required. The visa is normally issued within one to 15 days. For accurate information about applying for a visa, please contact our lawyers in Russia.