Legal Services in Saint Petersburg

Legal Services in Saint Petersburg

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Legal-Services-in-Saint-PetersburgLocal and foreign clients looking for representation in Russia can contact our law firm in order to benefit from legal services. Our lawyers in Saint Petersburg provide assistance in various legal matters starting with company incorporation.

Company registration in Saint Petersburg

Many foreign investors are attracted by the investment possibilities Russia offers and Saint Petersburg does not lack these opportunities. Our clients will benefit from specialized legal services provided by our lawyers in Saint Petersburg. Clients are not required to travel all the way to Saint Petersburg to register a company, because our Russian lawyers can complete the registration procedure through a power of attorney. Clients have the possibility to establish limited liability or joint stock companies in Saint Petersburg according to their needs. Our lawyers in Saint Petersburg can also advise them on the most suitable business type for them.

Litigation in Saint Petersburg

Companies also have to deal with litigation cases and our law firm in Russia provides legal representation in front of the courts in Saint Petersburg. Whether these are commercial disputes or company liquidation cases, clients can rely on our lawyers in Saint Petersburg to provide them with the best course of action. Debt collection is also a legal issue our lawyers deal with.  They will go through all the stages of the debt recovery process in order help clients.

Tax minimization solutions in Saint Petersburg

Local and foreign companies are taxed almost the same in Russia. However, due to small differences, foreign companies can benefit from reduced taxes due to double taxation agreements or other exemptions offered by the local authorities in Saint Petersburg. Foreign investors have the possibility to get in contact with our lawyers in Russia and ask them about the tax reliefs and incentives they can benefit from when investing in Saint Petersburg.

The business environment in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg has a population of nearly five million people and it is one of the most important economic centers in Russia. In 2007, the Russian government has become interested in the social and economic development of the city so foreign investors have the opportunity to benefit from the incentives offered by the authorities for those setting up businesses in Saint Petersburg especially in the cargo and passenger shipping industry.

Foreign investors wanting to open companies in Saint Petersburg are invited to contact our Russian lawyers in order to benefit for accurate information on the registration procedure.