Legal Services in Novosibirsk

Legal Services in Novosibirsk

Updated on Friday 29th May 2015

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Legal-Services-in-NovosibirskOur Russian law firm provides legal services throughout the most important and most developed cities in the country. Among these cities there is Novosibirsk that offers many investment opportunities for foreign enterprisers. The first step when investing in Novosibirsk is to open a company and our Russian attorneys will provide clients with the suitable type of business according to their requests.

Investment opportunities in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk is the third largest region in Russia and it is regarded as a scientific and educational center and it is also considered a large transportation route. Currently, the Novosibirsk region is home to over 200 large companies and over 120,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in the metal-processing and machinery industries. Together with metallurgy, water and gas supply and engineering are also among the most developed industries in Novosibirsk. The Novosibirsk region also offers investment opportunities in the banking industry, as it has about 30 banks and other financial institutions.

In terms of foreign investments in Russia, the Novosibirsk region benefits from one of the best legal frameworks created to support foreign businessmen. The main law helping foreign investors to benefit from the Russian government’s aid is the Novosibirsk Region Law No. 97-OZ enabled in 2007. The law defines the role and conditions of the government in supporting foreign investors, but also the obligations of the businessmen establishing companies in Novosibirsk.

What are the services provided by our lawyers to foreign enterprisers investing in Novosibirsk?

As mentioned above, the primary step when deciding to set up a business in Russia is to select the right type of company and our lawyers in Russia will help the foreign clients choose among the several types of companies available for registration. Our clients will not be required to travel all the way to Novosibirsk to register the company, but they can give power of attorney to our Russian lawyers who will represent them in front of the authorities.

Our legal services do not stop at corporate level. Our law firm in Russia will also provide consultancy in civil matters such as marriage registration, divorce procedures and other civil litigations.

You can contact us for details about all the legal services provided by our lawyers in Russia in the Novosibirsk region.