Immigrate to Russia from UK

Immigrate to Russia from UK

Updated on Friday 12th August 2022

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Immigrate to Russia from UK.jpgThe entry restrictions for foreigners in Russia (including British citizens) applied during March and August 2020, due to the health issues related to COVID-19. The Russian authorities imposed a series of restrictions that limited the movement in the country. Still, UK nationals will have to present a visa and a valid passport to move to Russia. It is required to solicit legal advice and representation from our Russian lawyers. The same team can help you start a business in Russia.

Visa to enter Russia as a British national

The Russian Embassy issues the required visa for UK citizens who want to visit this country. Russian Embassies in London, Edinburgh, and Manchester receive the visa applications of British citizens who want to immigrate to Russia. Here are a few types of visas required for entry in Russia:
  • The tourist visa for Russia is available for 30 days.
  • The business visa can be available for 3 months, with single or double entries. Multiple entries are permitted with a business visa available for 1 year.
  • The private visa is available for visiting relatives, friends, family members in Russia.
  • The work visa is issued if a company provides an invitation in this sense. This has a validity of 3 months and it can be extended.
  • The student visa is issued if the Russian college or university sends the invitation letter to the immigration authorities.
In terms of documents for a tourist visa for Russia, the British nationals must prepare the passport with validity for more than 6 months, the visa application form, flight and hotel documents, proof of the paid visa fee, to name a few. All the preparations for a Russian visa can be entirely handled by one of our lawyers in Russia. Get in touch with us if you want to move to Russia.

Obtaining the residence permit for Russia 

Temporary and permanent residence permits can be issued to UK nationals who immigrate to Russia. One of our Russian lawyers can provide legal assistance if you would like to obtain a temporary residence permit. This document is issued if you have a family member in Russia, you are married to a Russian citizen, you want to work or study in this country. Our specialists work closely with the Federal Migration Service, the institution that issues the residence permits. In the case of British citizens with permanent residence permits, they can work in Russia without applying for a work permit in the first place.
There is also the possibility of obtaining a residence permit as an investor in Russia if investments of at least USD 100,000 are made in sectors like energy, health, agriculture, IT, innovation, etc. You can discuss all the legal aspects of residence permits in Russia with one of our immigration lawyers in Russia. We can also help you immigrate to Russia. 

A British company relocation in Russia

The company relocation in Russia is possible and available to British nationals. Besides the de-registration of the business from UK, there are other legal aspects to consider in the relocation process that can be handled by our Russian lawyers. Family members immigration assistance, visas for Russia, permanent residence permits, legal notifications, document legalization are among the tasks an immigration lawyer in Russia can handle. We can present you effective and optimal solutions tailored to your needs if interested in how to relocate to Russia from UK and legal assistance if you want to immigrate to Russia. 

Making investments in Russia

Creating a company in Russia, with investments of at least USD 100,000 comes with a series of business advantages related to residence, taxation, and many more. Russia hosts a large number of foreign companies, with branches and subsidiaries in this country. The business advantages are huge in Russia, and foreigners can develop their activities in the special economic zones for lowered startup costs, special taxation of profits, and a special customs regime, to name a few. The business registration has been simplified in recent years, allowing both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs to operate rapidly on the Russian market. Agriculture, manufacturing, oil & gas, energy, engineering, IT are among Russia’s prolific sectors that attract most of the FDIs. Here are some interesting numbers that highlight the business direction of Russia:
  1. Approximately USD billion represented the total FDI stock for Russia in 2019.
  2. The 2020 Doing Business report ranks Russia 28th out of 190 economies in the world.
  3. The Netherlands, Cyprus Ireland, Bahamas, and the UK are the main investors in Russia.
Interested in relocate to Russia from UK? Please feel free to contact our Russian lawyers with experience in immigration matters like visas, residence permits, work permits, and many more.