Immigrate to Russia from South Africa

Immigrate to Russia from South Africa

Updated on Friday 05th November 2021

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Immigrate to Russia from South Africa.jpgCitizens from South Africa who want to immigrate to Russia need to observe and respect the rules referring to visas and residency. The first step is to present an invitation letter that says you intend to visit or to relocate to Russia. Our Russian lawyers can help South Africans apply for the proper visa before the visit to this country. Support for residency and work permits is also provided from the start. Plus, you can hire our services if you want to start a business in Russia.

Do I need a visa to enter Russia from South Africa?

Yes, South African citizens must obtain a visa if they want to enter Russia. As mentioned earlier, an invitation letter is solicited from a person or a Russian organization, as part of a visa process. It is important to note that the Russian Embassy accepts the visa applications in person, meaning that South Africans need to prepare a valid passport, present the invitation letter, and complete specific forms. This stage is important, so legal advice is quite recommended. This is why South African citizens are suggested to get in touch with our law firm in Russia and ask for legal advice and assistance. Here are the main types of visas you can obtain to enter Russia:
  1. The tourist visa – required for touristic purposes in Russia and available for 30 days.
  2. The private visa – for foreigners who want to visit Russian friends. Yet, the tourist visa is recommended instead.
  3. The electronic visa – this is required for short-term trips and has a validity of 8 days.
  4. The business visa – has a validity of up to 5 years and can be used for long-term visits to Russia.
  5. The work visa – South Africans must apply for this visa if they intend to work in Russia. This type of visa has a validity of up to 3 years.
The visa process might take time due to the bureaucracies implicated. But you can discuss all the legal terms with our Russian lawyers and ask for support right from the start. The legal support of our advisors will prove extremely helpful and you can skip the cases in which the visa application can be rejected. Discuss with us if you want to move to Russia.

Short details about the invitation letter

A standard invitation letter is provided by the Russian authorities to citizens from South Africa who want to visit or immigrate to this country. An invitation letter must comprise a few important details, like the reference number of the company that invites the citizens from South Africa, complete personal information, the passport data, the route and the duration of stay in Russia. Even though the Russian authorities solicit an invitation letter, this document is not a guarantee that the visa will be granted from the start. The authorities can investigate the criminal record of a candidate and if there are misunderstandings or anything related, the visa application can be rejected. You are invited to discuss all the legal aspects with our Russian lawyers if you want to immigrate to Russia from South Africa.

Visa for business owners from South Africa

South Africans interested in business in Russia should observe the visa rules imposed. Just like in the cases mentioned above, an invitation letter is required (the government-authorized form), alongside a Telex invitation letter and another one accredited by the FMS (Federal Migration Service in Russia). One can apply for a single-entry business visa for Russia that allows a stay for several days or the multiple-entry visa available for up to one year. In any case, it is highly recommended to have in mind the legal advice and support of a Russian lawyer with experience in immigration matters, in order to apply for the proper visa and to prepare the documents solicited by the authorities. Talk to us if you want to relocate to Russia.

How can I apply for a work visa for Russia?

Citizens from South Africa who want to work in Russia must apply for a specific permit. This is the work permit that it is issued in accordance with the immigration laws in Russia. One should note that the formalities for a work permit for Russia are normally overseen and handled by the company that hires the citizen from South Africa. Yet, complete legal assistance and guidance is offered by our Russian lawyers if you want to move to Russia. Here are some interesting facts and figures about the population in Russia, according to
  • Approximately 146 million people are living in Russia.
  • Russia represents around 1.87% of the total population of the world.
  • More than 70% of the population of Russia is urban.
Citizens from South Africa who want to immigrate to Russia are invited to contact our law firm in Russia and find out all the details and information. Legal assistance is offered.