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Immigrate to Russia from Canada

Updated on Friday 12th August 2022

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Immigrate to Russia from canada.jpgRussia imposes visas to Canadian citizens interested in visiting the country or immigrating. There are specific requirements that must be observed by citizens of Canada interested in how to relocate to Russia. Instead of dealing with a complex process and possible errors, we invite you to talk to our Russian lawyers and ask for legal advice and assistance throughout the entire visa process. We  can help you immigrate to Russia. 

The Russia e-Visa application

The e-Visa for Russia is limited to a visit of 8 days, yet, it can be prolonged for more days, depending on the purpose of the visit or stay in this country. The following documents are required for obtaining this kind of visa for Russia
  1. The Canadian passport must have a validity of at least 6 months before the visa application.
  2. An invitation letter is solicited by the authorities. This can be used for tourism, work, or study purposes. Our Russian lawyers can handle this kind of task, so talk to us if you want to relocate to Russia.
  3. Having a health insurance policy is required for a visa application in Russia.
  4. Passport style photos are also required.
Russian e-Visas can be used within 30 days from the date it has been issued. Canadian citizens interested in how to immigrate to Russia need to ask for legal assistance and support from our Russian attorneys. We are at your disposal right from the start.

Business visa for Russia

Canadian nationals interested in starting a business in Russia must follow  a set of specific rules to obtain the proper type of visa. The business visa can be valid for 3 months if single or double entries are involved, or for 1 to 3 years and multiple entries. Here is what you need to know about the business visa for Russia:
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and especially the Consular Department will issue an invitation, as part of the business visa application.
  • The Chamber of Commerce comes with other requirements too. This institution will also issue an invitation letter. 
  • A business visa fee ranges between EUR 100 and EUR 350.
  • The Russian authorities will ask for the purpose of your visit, in this case, business.
The business visa process might take time, and instead of dealing with a rejection, it is best to ask for legal advice and guidance. Our lawyers in Russian have experience in immigration matters and can help Canadian nationals obtain a business visa.

How can I obtain temporary or permanent residence in Russia?

A temporary residence permit for Russia requires complete attention in terms of documents. The applicant must provide a negative HIV test, a police certificate showing a clear criminal record, the valid passport, a medical certificate, and the application form with personal information. The authorities in Russia are extremely attentive to foreigners interested in immigrating to this country and can reject applications that do not respect the requirements related to paperwork and other formalities. We mention that a temporary residence permit is valid for 3 years. One of our Russian lawyers can help you from the start as our specialists work closely with the Federal Migration Service in Russia. If you want to move to Russia, you can contact us and we will offer you information about how to immigrate to Russia

Work visas for Russia

Canadian citizens who want to work in Russia must prepare for a complex and time-consuming process, in some cases. The Russian Consulate issues work visas with 90-day validity, based on an invitation letter obtained from the employer, or the permit with multiple entries and validity of one year. In the case of experts who want to work in Russia, they need to obtain a work visa for Highly Qualified Specialists that has a validity of 3 years. The Government Employment Services accepts the work permit visa applications. The Russian Consulate is the institution that issues the work visas for Canadians. There are cases in which a work visa for Russia can be issued in approximately 100 days, yet, a visa invitation urgency can be issued. Working with our Russian lawyers means having proper legal support and advice right from the start, in order to obtain a work visa faster. We present you a few facts and figures about Russia’s population: 
  1. More than 145 million citizens are living in Russia, according to
  2. Russia represents around 1.87% of the world’s population.
  3. More than 73% of the Russian population is urban.
  4. More than 302,000 persons gained Russian citizenship from January to June 2020.
Interested in immigrating to Russia from Canada? The entire process can be handled by one of our lawyers in Russia, so feel free to contact our specialists and find all the details. You can move to Russia quite fast.