Citizenship in Russia - Updated Guide for 2022

Citizenship in Russia

Updated on Monday 08th August 2022

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Citizenship in Russia.jpgBefore applying for citizenship in Russia, it is important to get an idea of what the whole procedure entails and what formalities are required by the authorities in 2022. To acquire Russian nationality, it is important to seek the help of specialists and legal advice provided by a lawyer in Russia who has experience in immigration issues. In addition, foreign nationals who want to open a business and need a business visa in Russia can confidently call on our legal services. We are here to guide you throughout the immigration to Russia process.

What are the formalities for citizenship in Russia in 2022?

Foreign citizens who want to apply for Russian nationality can do so after proving that they have already been in Russia for at least 5 years, with permanent residence. Therefore, the first step towards citizenship in Russia is the acquisition of the permanent residence permit, which comes with several benefits, the same as those of Russian citizens. Here's what Russian nationality entails:
  • Russian permanent residence is valid for 5 years and can be renewed whenever needed.
  • The Russian General Directorate of Migratory Affairs is the institution that issues this type of document.
  • Citizenship in Russia is obtained by naturalization, in the case of foreign citizens or by birth in the case of persons born to parents with origins in Russia.
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Citizenship in Russia by naturalization

Foreigners who want to obtain Russian nationality must consider the following formalities:
  • To present the permanent residence permit.
  • Agree to abide by the Constitution in Russia.
  • Prove that they have lived in Russia for at least 5 years.
  • Provide financial information and prove that they can support their family with that money.
  • Have a basic knowledge of the Russian language.
  • To renounce the nationality of origin, except in cases where Russia has concluded agreements with its states with certain states.
If a person is married to a Russian citizen for more than 3 years of age, he/she can apply for Russian citizenship. There are also situations in which former Russian citizens who at one point gave up Russian nationality want to regain it. They first had to live in Russia for 3 years, and then apply for citizenship. We invite you to talk to our immigration lawyers in Russia and find out more about citizenship in Russia but also about Russian dual citizenship. We can help you move to Russia in 2022 by handling all the formalities.

Citizenship in Russia by birth

Russian nationality can be obtained by citizens who have parents with origins in Russia. Those who were born outside the borders of the Russian Federation but whose parents were born in this country can apply for citizenship by birth in Russia. It is enough for only one parent to be born in Russia to be able to apply for Russian nationality. The process is quite simple, but to have the guarantee that the application will not be rejected, it is recommended to seek the help of a lawyer from Russia, with experience in immigration issues. We are here to offer you all the support and legal advice you need to have the best solutions for immigration to Russia.

Does Russia accept dual citizenship?

According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation and more precisely Article 62 and Article 6, Russian dual citizenship is allowed, but there are also clear conditions in this case. Russian dual citizenship is allowed only if Russia has reached an agreement with that country, and only two countries, namely Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, are involved. Otherwise, citizens who want to obtain citizenship in Russia are forced to renounce the original citizenship.
On the other hand, Russian citizens who obtain foreign citizenship in another country do not have to give up their country of origin. However, they are obliged to notify the Russian General Directorate of Migratory Affairs. More about Russian dual citizenship and formalities for 2022 can be offered by our specialists who can also help you relocate to Russia.

Russia, an optimal investment destination

Foreign investors who want to move to Russia and start a business can enjoy a number of advantages, including a much simplified bureaucracy, a fast company registration, an experienced workforce, and affordable costs. Moreover, the financial market in Russia is quite popular internationally and can be accessed by foreign players who want to share substantial profits. Here are some statistics that show the economic direction of Russia:
  • The total FDI for Russia in 2020 was about USD 447 billion.
  • Most foreign investments were targeted in 2020 in the mining and quarrying sector, one of the largest in Russia.
  • Turkey, France, the US, and the UK were the largest investors in Russia in 2020.
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