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Virtual Office in Russia

Virtual Office in Russia

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Virtual-Office-in-Russia A virtual office in Russia has become more than a necessity nowadays because it provides all services of a physical office, at low costs.

Our law firm in Russia can provide you with a full range of this type of services customized to any type of company.

Communication services in a Russian virtual office

Our Russian law firm gives you the possibility to have a virtual office and provides you with customized communication facilities such as:

- an assistant for your virtual office in Russia;

- a local phone number with answering services so you will easily receive and transmit information and requests directly to your office;

- voice mail services that, with the help of the latest technology, will store voice messages, convert them and send them to your e-mail address.

We can also provide you with call forwarding services, so that your messages will be redirected directly to your office, and a fax number where we can collect your fax messages, sort them and have them delivered to you. At your request, we can also collect your bank statements.

We can set up virtual offices in any city of Russia and provide you with renowned registered office addresses with the least investment possible. The Russian virtual office is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs wanting to set up a company in Russia. You will have the possibility to use your professional address as mailbox where you will receive your correspondence that will be forwarded wherever you want.

Comparison between the classic office and the Russian virtual office

The main advantage a virtual office has over a classical office is the economy on rental spaces. The virtual office will provide you a renowned office address without the necessity to rent the space. Another advantage of a virtual office in Russia is that it allows you to take your business anywhere. Taking advantage of the newest technology, you can save the money spent on hiring workforce.

Our lawyers in Russia offer you advice on many legal matters, such as registering a business or a virtual office. You can also contact our Russian lawyers in order to be up to date with the latest provisions about the Russian corporate law



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