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Set Up an Online Shop in Russia

Set Up an Online Shop in Russia

Updated on Tuesday 03rd October 2017

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Set-up-an-online-shop-in-RussiaOpening a shop in a Russian city is a secure business which can generate profit in a relatively short period of time. During the last few years, Russian shop owners have started taking advantage of a new way of selling their product: the online environment, or e-commerce. Keeping up with the recent changes, the government also amended a few laws related to e-commerce in order to ensure a better protection of customers and online stores.

Our law firm in Russia can explain the legislation governing e-commerce in this country.

Legislation related to selling goods or services online in Russia

Contrary to other countries, Russia has a strong legislation governing the establishment of online stores here. This is a great advantage for foreign investors opening companies in Russia who know what to expect and what their options are. The main laws providing for the setup of an online shop in Russia are:

  • -          the Audiovisual Services Law which provides for the creation of websites and advertising products in the online environment, among others;
  • -          the Consumer Rights Protection Law, which was amended in 2017 with the E-commerce Aggregators Bill which provides for the possibility of online payments upon the purchase of goods;
  • -          the Intellectual Property Law which guarantees the registration and use of domain names required when opening an online store in Russia.

Other Russian laws governing the creation of online shops are the Commercial Code and the digital signatures and authentication regulations.

How to create an online shop in Russia

The creation of a Russian online store implies the registration of a company with the Trade Register, according to the Commercial Law. Our Russian lawyers can handle this procedure.

Following that, specific requisites related to e-commerce must be fulfilled. Among these are:

  • -          buying a domain name;
  • -          creating a web platform;
  • -          setting up online payment solutions;
  • -          complying with the legislation related to informing the clients about their rights and obligations.

If you want to open a shop in Russia and need assistance with the registration procedure of the company, please feel free to contact us. You can also rely on our law firm in Russia if you want to open a physical store in this country.



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