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Power of Attorney in Russia

Power of Attorney in Russia

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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power_of_attorney_in_russia.jpgThe power of attorney is a written document through which a person, also called a donor, enables another person, named an agent or attorney, to represent him/her in different activities.

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Russian power of attorney

In Russia, the power of attorney is subject to the Russian Civil Code and is given by the donor to the agent for legal purposes. The Russian power of attorney must specify the activities the agent is allowed to carry on behalf of the donor.

In order for a Russian power of attorney to be enabled, the agent must consent to represent the donor and the document must also be certified by a notary. The Russian power of attorney must meet all the demands stated in the Russian laws.

Only legal entities are authorized to issue a power of attorney in Russia.

Whenever asked for, the agent must present the power of attorney in order to define the actions he/she can undertake in name of the donor.

According to the Russian Civil Code, a power of attorney must be dated and include the names of the donor and of the representative. Powers of attorney without date of execution are null. The donor can end the power of attorney any time he/she wants, this being the case of the agent too.

Any type of Russian power of attorney can also have an expiration date, if so mentioned in the document.

Types of power of attorney in Russia

Russian power of attorney can be general, meaning it gives the legal power to represent the donor in general transactions, or special. Special power of attorney is limited to a certain type of action or situation.

The power of attorney in Russia can be granted to one or more persons. The representatives can act on behalf of the donor separately or together. Russian powers of attorney come in standardized forms depending on the situation.

However, the safest forms of a power of attorney can be obtained from lawyers in Russia. The agent cannot enable a third person to conduct the responsibilities mentioned in the power of attorney, unless if it is specifically stipulated in the power of attorney. In special cases, which involve protecting the donor’s concerns, the agent must notify the donor if authorization has been granted to a third person.

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