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Obtain Residency in Russia

Obtain Residency in Russia

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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When wanting to obtain residency in Russia, foreigners should consider seeking counsel from a lawyer in Russia. Our Russian lawyers can help you apply for residence permits or other procedures that need to be completed as soon as possible, so feel free to contact us.

Temporary Residence Permit in Russia

The temporary residence permit allows a foreign citizen to live in Russia for three years, under the condition of re-authenticating the permit every year. This certificate is issued by the Federal Migration Service (FMS – “Federalnaya Migracionnaya Sluzba”) and no extensions of it are available.
The conditions for receiving the temporary residence permit are mentioned below and at least one of them should be fulfilled:
  • - be married to a Russian national;
  • - be born in Russia;
  • - having performed military service in the Russian Federation;
  • - having a Russian citizen relative (adult, child or parent);
  • - having invested a certain capital in Russia (this has to be determined by the federal law).
If you need further information on requirements for receiving a Russian residency permit or other aspects, please contact our law firm in Russia.
If you obtain the temporary residence permit, you cannot leave the country for more than three months and you will need to apply for an exit visa every time and for a re-entry one when you return. One of the documents required for applying for this kind of permit is a medical certificate proving that neither you, nor any of your family members are infected with the HIV virus.

Obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit in Russia

The permanent residence permit (“vid na zhitelstvo”) can be obtained after two years of residing in Russia with a temporary residence permit. This one is valid for a period of five years and can be extended for as many times the applicant wants, but it has to be re-authenticated every year, just like the temporary one. Our lawyers in Russia can provide you with further details on this application process and documents.
Holders of this permit do not have to apply for entry and exit visas, as is the case with the temporary residence permit, but their time spent away from the country is still limited to six months a year and as for the other one they have to provide a medical document certifying the fact that the applicant is not a carrier of the HIV virus or any other infectious diseases and nor is any of his family members.
As well as the temporary permit, the permanent residence permit is issued by the Federal Migration Service and the application is accepted or denied within six months.
We can offer legal advice and practical help in residency matters, obtaining a temporary or a permanent permit in Russia and other procedures that you mind find complicated; therefore you can consult our attorneys in Russia.




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