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Legal Services in Moscow

Legal Services in Moscow

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Legal_services_in_Moscow.jpgOur law firm in Russia offers professional services for various legal problems. The legal services our Russian attorneys provide in Moscow cover a wide range of legal matters and they are personalized according to the type of company and the goals of the investor.
Moscow is the capital city and also the most populated city of Russia. It is the country’s most important political, economic and cultural center. Moscow is a city preferred by high-income individuals and there are many types of businesses that thrive in this large economic hub.

Investing in Moscow

Foreign investors in Russia often turn their attention to Moscow because the city is undoubtedly the financial center of Russia. International companies, as well as large banks, have opened branches or subsidiaries there. The economic stability in the city is one of the key factors that determine foreign investors to open businesses in Russia.
The first step after deciding to open a company in Russia is choosing the appropriate legal form. Our Russian lawyers, specialized in Company Law, are qualified to give you professional assistance throughout the entire company incorporation process.
Alternatively, investors may want to purchase a company in Russia. This is a preferred alternative for business owners who want to commence activities right away and also want to benefit from owning a company that has a safe background.
Some of the most important taxes for companies in Russia are:
- the corporate tax,
- the income tax,
- the profit tax.
VAT also applies in Russia. The experts who work with our Russian law firm can help you with tax planning and will give you detailed information about the taxation for foreign companies in Russia

Legal services for your company in Moscow

From basic counselling regarding the business start-up costs, to personalized business counselling, our Russian lawyers are ready to offer a wide range of legal services for your company in Russia. Investors should know that some types of businesses will require special permits and licenses for functioning.
When purchasing a property in Russia or before signing any type of contract, it is recommended to seek legal advice and make sure that the documents are in order or that the transaction is well worth its price. Our Russian lawyers are ready to help if the language becomes a barrier and impairs the development of a desired business transaction. 
When dealing with a litigation in Russia, it is best to know that foreign judgements are recognized in Russia under certain terms. Our lawyers in Russia can help you address the competent Russian court if you are experiencing any type of legal dispute. Alternatively, arbitration is also a way to solve disputes and can be beneficial, compared to other legal actions.
Please contact our Russian lawyers for a detailed offer of our services. We are ready to provide the best solutions for your business and become your partner in Russia. 


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