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Immigration Lawyers in Russia

Immigration Lawyers in Russia

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Immigration-Lawyers-in-RussiaIn 2002, Russia enabled the federal law on the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation that was meant to define the statute of foreigners in Russia who do not have permanent or temporary residence permits. In order to enter the Russian territory, foreign persons must obtain a visa that will be issued based on an invitation. Citizens of the Russian Commonwealth (CIS) states do not need a visa to enter Russia, with the exception of Georgia and Turkmenistan.

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Types of visas in Russia

Foreign citizens can obtain different types and subtypes of visas when going to Russia. The main types of visas are: diplomatic, official, ordinary, transit and temporary residence visa. The ordinary visa is divided into:

  • -      private visa, for visiting relatives or friends;
  • -      business visa that must be obtained for commercial and business purposes;
  • -      tourist and group visa;
  • -      study visa;
  • -      work visa;
  • -      humanitarian visa;
  • -      asylum visa.

The temporary residence permit in Russia

A foreign citizen is allowed to obtain a temporary residence permit before a permanent residence permit is granted. It usually takes about six months to obtain a Russian temporary residence permit and it has a three-year period validity. In order to obtain a temporary residence permit, a foreign citizen must follow the next steps:

  • -      applying for a visa as a temporary resident;
  • -      applying for a Russian temporary residence permit;
  • -      after receiving the permit, the visa must be prolonged;
  • -      if the foreign citizen wants to leave Russia, an exit visa must be obtained.

Foreign citizens in possession of a Russian temporary residence permit must know that they are not allowed to change residency within or outside the region where the residence permit is valid. Also, foreign citizens with a temporary residence permit are not allowed to work outside the region where the permit was obtained.

The permanent residence permit in Russia

Foreign citizens must reside in Russia for at least one year before applying for a permanent residence permit. The Russian residence permit has a five years validity and it can be renowned for another five years. The permanent residence permit in Russia allows freedom of movement inside and outside the country without a visa. Obtaining a permanent residence permit usually takes about four weeks.

Citizenship in Russia

In 2002, Russia enabled the Citizenship Law that allows foreign citizens to apply for citizenship, if they have lived in Russia for five uninterrupted years since the permanent residence permit was issued. Dual citizenship is also allowed according to the federal law or international treaties Russia has signed.

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