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EORI Registration in Russia

EORI Registration in Russia

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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EORI-Registration-in-RussiaEORI stands for Economic Operator Registration Identifier and it is the successor of the Trader’s Unique Reference Number (TURN).  An EORI number can be issued to any economic operator involved in international trade operations, such as importers and exporters inside or outside the European Union.

The EORI number is based on the company’s VAT registration number. Economic operators can have a single EORI number for the whole organization in a specific country. EORI numbers are available for legal entities only.

The EORI was introduced in 2009 by the Security Amendment to the Modernized Customs Code, as a security measure for all economic operators involved in Customs activities. EORI is also a step towards the implementation of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) which is more popular in Russia.

Registration of EORI number for Russian economic operators

Russian economic operators will not be assigned an EORI number automatically; they must apply for an EORI number, because the European Commission must publish data about the economic operator which can be done only with the company’s consent.

The application for registration of an EORI number for Russian economic operators must be submitted online. Before applying for the EORI number, the Russian company must be allowed to use the customs website and, in order to be permitted to use the e-customs system, the Russian economic operator must identify itself and receive an authorization to conduct customs formalities.

Because, as mentioned above, an EORI number will not be automatically assigned, Russian economic operators will be able to use the business register number, the non-resident’s register number or personal ID code as an EORI number.

Upon submitting the application for the registration of the EORI number, an e-mail containing general data about the Russian company will be sent to all other economic operators. The e-mail will also inform about the start date and the structure of the EORI number for the Russian company.

Documents for obtaining an EORI number for Russian traders

The documents required when applying for an EORI number are:

- an application form;

- a copy of an identification document;

- a document from the Russian Trade Register providing identification data about the company;

- for holders of TIR Carnet, a copy of the Carnet.

The EORI number will be issued according to the country’s specific terms and it has no expiry date.

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